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Watch Rio Olympics Online

More than 100 health experts point out risks and point out that, despite efforts to combat the Aedes aegypti, cases of zika continue increasing. Event in Brazil can help spread viruses around the world, warn.

In an open letter, a group of 150 health experts asked this Friday (27/05) that the World Health Organization (who) to postpone the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro or move the event to another location due to zika outbreak. “The fire is already access but is not rational do nothing in relation to the Olympic Games. This is no time to throw more gasoline on this fire, “said professor Amir Attaran of the University of Ottawa, one of the authors of the document.

The letter lists recent scientific evidence that showed that the virus can cause microcephaly in newborns and neurological problems in adults. The experts say that, despite the efforts to combat the Aedes aegypti mosquito, the cases of disease continue increasing in Rio de Janeiro.
The authors point out that with the large number of tourists in the city, the virus zika can be disseminated to other countries. “It’s an unnecessary risk exposing 500 1000 foreign tourists of all countries who go to games, which can potentially acquire the virus and then return to their homes, where it could become endemic,” says the document.

In the end, the experts conclude that the best thing to do, on this scenario, is postponing the event or transfer the registered office to a location free of the virus.

The document further submits that there may be a conflict of interest that may be preventing the who taking a firmer position in relation to the Rio 2016. The UN agency has signed in 2010 1 collaboration agreement with the International Olympic Committee (IOC).
Among the signers of the document there are experts from more than 20 countries in areas such as public health, bioethics and Pediatrics, and renowned universities, such as Harvard, Yale and Oxford. Researcher Deborah Dayani, UnB, is the only representative of Brazil to sign the letter.

Several scientists have warned about the risks of the Olympic Games. The departure of thousands of visitors from various countries to Rio de Janeiro could spread the virus zika the world and increase the number of births of babies with microcephaly.

In February, the who declared the outbreak of zika global emergency. Recently, the UN Agency asked that pregnant women avoid travel to Rio for the Olympics and that visitors to the city were not the poorest regions, wear insect repellant and chose to stay in air-conditioned accommodations due to the virus, regardless we are all looking forward to watch the 2016 Olympics online.

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